Upcoming Publication: Poets Reading the News

There is a great website out in the wilds of the internet called Poets Reading the News, that gives a place for poets to reflect on these fraught times. Ella Newton, co-editor and founder of the site, accepted my poem, “How to Shoot a Sleeping Bear” for publication today. Thank you so much to her… Continue reading Upcoming Publication: Poets Reading the News

Short Story

Upcoming Publication: Typehouse Literary Magazine

The editors of Typehouse Literary Magazine have accepted my short story, “Long Haul” for publication in their January 2018 issue. Featuring a long haul trucker, malevolent tornadoes and a loyal ethereal canine companion, this story is very special to me and one that I am so happy found a home that values its gritty, poetic… Continue reading Upcoming Publication: Typehouse Literary Magazine


Upcoming Publication: Quatrain Fish

A big thank you to Eric Jepson for publishing my extremely short and riddled with word-play poem, “Flyaway When Undercut”. This kitschy little piece has found a worthy home.  Their website quatrain.fish is a pleasure to read, with poems spanning the tonal gamut, all united by the common quality of being four lines or under.… Continue reading Upcoming Publication: Quatrain Fish