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“Wire Mother” – matchbook

“Knackered Man” – Right Hand Pointing

“Naming A Hurricane” – Lady Literary Mag

“The Black Maria” – 365 Tomorrows

“Running on Empty” – 365 Tomorrows


“Anatomize” – Noble / Gas Qtrly Issue 204.4

“Angler” – Noble / Gas Qtrly Issue 204.4

“How to Shoot a Sleeping Bear” – Poets Reading the News

“What I Would Like to do with Donald Trump” – Drunk Monkeys, November Issue

“Lean Meat” – Whale Road Review, Issue Eight

“Casual Erosion” – Calamus Journal, Issue Eight

“Sterner Stuff” – Steel Toe Review, Issue Twenty Six

“Daily Armaments” – Fourth and Sycamore

“Cleavage” – Ink in Thirds, Issue Eight

“Time Peace” – Mothers Always Write