Short Story

Upcoming Publication: Typehouse Literary Magazine

The editors of Typehouse Literary Magazine have accepted my short story, “Long Haul” for publication in their January 2018 issue. Featuring a long haul trucker, malevolent tornadoes and a loyal ethereal canine companion, this story is very special to me and one that I am so happy found a home that values its gritty, poetic… Continue reading Upcoming Publication: Typehouse Literary Magazine


Upcoming Publication: Quatrain Fish

A big thank you to Eric Jepson for publishing my extremely short and riddled with word-play poem, “Flyaway When Undercut”. This kitschy little piece has found a worthy home.  Their website is a pleasure to read, with poems spanning the tonal gamut, all united by the common quality of being four lines or under.… Continue reading Upcoming Publication: Quatrain Fish


Upcoming Publication: Sixteen Rivers Press Anthology

So. My day is going really, really well thus far. Why, you may ask? Well, because I just received an acceptance from Sixteen Rivers Press for my poem, “A Phoenix Flag” to be included within their political anthology, to be published around September of 2018. Sixteen Rivers is incredibly respected within the poetry community –… Continue reading Upcoming Publication: Sixteen Rivers Press Anthology


Upcoming Publication: Burning Water Magazine

Chris Cassis and the editing team of Burning Water Magazine (a beautifully put together publication that you should really check out) has accepted my poem, “Shamaness” for their Spring 2017 issue. This magazine is truly up my alley – they combine speculative fiction with nature writing in a cocktail that is just delicious. I am… Continue reading Upcoming Publication: Burning Water Magazine