Upcoming Publication: America,We Call Your Name

America Cover

I am honored to be included in the Sixteen Rivers Press anthology ‘America, We Call Your Name’. It features poems by poets both modern and classic, from the full spectrum of history, speaking to resistance and resilience. This anthology shows the necessity of civic-minded art in tumultuous times, and I will always cherish my small part in this book of giants. Below is a review by the Pulitzer Prize nominated essayist and poet, Susan Griffin, as well as a link to pre-purchase.

“Poetry is one of the oldest forms of resistance. Entering not only our minds but our hearts, poems can swim under the highest walls erected by the powerful, subverting the most staggering onslaughts of distortion and outright lies, undermining threats, answering despair, rescuing the simplest and yet most profound ways that we know, reviving our courage, inviting action. Tyrants, despots, fascists of all kinds, beware this book. It may bring even you to your senses!” –Susan Griffin

The anthology goes to press in September but is available for pre-order by clicking here.

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